Sunday, 20 April 2014

Afro Hair Relaxers Leave Your Reviews/Feedback

Your Feedback!! 

If you have natural Afro hair, it is likely that at some point in time, you have pondered on whether you should perm (chemically straighten) your hair, or leave it natural. For those who chose perm their hair, there seems to be a large range of products out on the market,  So, I wanted to get your feedback/product reviews!
The fallowing would be useful to know;
Which relaxer product did you use?
Was it effective?
Did  it burn/scold your scalp or not?
Would you use it again?

 Any additional feedback is welcome!!

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Lupita Nyongo for Lancome

If you are medium to dark skin toned, and in need of a premium makeup foundation, the first brand that comes to mind for many women will usually be MAC. This is mainly because, for several years MAC stockt foundations in a wide range of tones, including for olive, medium and dark skin tones. Other brands such as  Iman, BlackUp, Bobbie Brown, Fashion Fair and Sleek have also been on the market for several years and have been popular, also because of their highly pigmented products . But, for many medium to dark skin toned women searching for a foundaiton, the Lancome brand does not come to mind. This is understandab

le, as Lancome only launched an extended range of foundation shades around 2012, and is thus still catching up with their competitors.
The recent appointment of Hollywood actress and Oscar winner Lupita Nyongo's as Lancome's brand ambassador may assist it in changing this.

Guess what? I tried the foundation recently!!
I tried the Teint Idiol foundation in shade 12 and it was flawless. So natural, and no yellow tones. I have dry skin and this foundation does not feel like it drys out the skin further. It felt like I was not wearing anything and I was actually surprised at how comfortable it felt. I even forgot I had it on, ended up going to bed with it. Luckily, it seemed not to smudge the pillow, or ruin my face, and I just simply washed and cleansed in the morning.

Get colour matched/your FREE sample foundation at your nearest Lancome counter!!

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Beautiful Lady Emma Mcquiston

Emma Mcquiston

Emma is the 27 year old daughter of English society beauty  Samantha McQuiston, and Nigerian Oxford graduate, and oil tycoon Ladi Jadesimi.
 In 2013, The lovely Emma married her childhood friend Ceawlin Thynne in a rather lavish wedding, featured in society spread 'Hello' Magazine. Ceawlin Thynne , for those of you who do not know, is other-wise known as the Viscount of Weymouth, and the son of English aristocrat Alexander George Thynn, 7th Marquess of Bath. Well, one is rather  pleased for the lovely lady, or as my dear mother put it ''you go girl''

  Why I totally love her, and want her as my 'besty'
 She is gorgeouse, stunning infact!  Quite frankly, its about time we had attractive additions to the English aristocracy. Move over the usual bores, let us have some fresh blood up in here!
 She loves cooking, and has her own food blog! For those of us who like eating and hate cooking, she would make the idea friend, right?
She is married to a dishy English gentleman. Who does'nt want to marry a handsome English gent? And being that the father in- law is the eccentric Alexander Thyne; Marques of Bath, no boring in-laws there!
Her wardrobe, and shoes are fab!! and I am only going by her collection featured in 'Hello' mag. Hello?I hope to see this lady shine like the star that she is!!

visit her website at

Sunday, 20 October 2013


 March 2014

 Givenchy Fragrance Sample
15m Sample of the new Givenchy Verry Irresistible  L'eau en rose fragrance. Promotional cut-out from the March publication of Instyle magazine. Alternatively,  visit the Givenchy counter in House Of Fraser/while stocks last

Glamour Magazine Give-away

 Some of us lucky readers got our BalaceMe Facial Wash freebie in last years publication of Glamour Magazine (cant recal which month)Good news!! just this month, I popt Debenhams Oxford St for a browse and found they now, were also stocking the products. Far as I knew, other than online, it was only sold in John Lewis.

FREE Natural Product samples
Natural Shea Butter sample

One You Missed!!

I had this Liberty voucher  for ages, and wanted to give it away.  Since non of you wanted it, it is now expired!!  
 If you have a promo you would like others to know about, let me know

Saturday, 19 October 2013

About Me

Hmmm, now.... where do I start?

Firstly, thank you for visiting my page, and I hope you enjoy reading my blogs!!

I wanted to create a page that would feature my Beauty products and services, as well as highlight items of interest that would be uplifting, fun, and inspiring.

I realized a long time ago that beauty comes from different sources, and the greatest source that it can come from is from within. Loving oneself, and doing things that make you happy are some ways of living a beautiful life.

I celebrate and embrace beauty in all its colors, and so, my products and services are a reflection of that ethos. 

Having traveled to places including the Middle East, Africa and Europe has shown me the beauty that other cultures have to offer, as well as the amazing similarities that we share.
That is why I find it very easy to embrace that, and share it with you!!

A bit about Me.... (simple list)

I was born in East Africa, grew up in Britain (can you guess which country?)

I like cycling (yes I do, its fun, it's healthy)
I like jogging (that's a lie, I only like it AFTER, not before I go!)
I go to the gym (like..once in a blue moon, only after throwing a temper tantrum, crying and bribing myself to some grilled chicken as my after- treat)
I love Natural Beauty/skin-care (Yes I do!!)
I'm into Yoga ( total lie! I went once, in London, got bored and never went again. But I'm keen on trying Pilates!!...on second thoughts, maybe not. Seems like too much work)
I once entered a Beauty contest, just for fun and ended up coming second/Congolese musician Awilo Logomba was performing after the show with his troop of lovely dancers (went over to say hello, shame my French was just as bad as his English, which ment saying ''hello Awilo, I'm a fan..of your music '' was a tad um, challenging, but in hindsight, I should have stuck to 'je'taime '...that reminds me...
I once met footballer Tierry Henry in a London store ( Back when he was playing for Arsenal.   He was soo cool, calmly acknowledged the slight buzz that was enveloping around him, and greeting everyone, including me (I was super excited). I just had one question for this international footballer and total hotty, and that was, '' Tierry, what's french for va va voom?'' 
he stared into my eyes and replied ''im looking at it'' (ok, not quite true)but he was lovely!!  But, Tierry, if you happen to be reading this, that was one of  thee best days of my life!! Je'taime, J'adore!! 
I am a fan of Marilyn Monroe Not many people know this one. She's like my little doll, my favorite broad!!

There you go, so you know a lot about me know!!

 I would love for you to leave feedback, and you are welcome to share the page !


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Olympia Beauty Exhibition London

Kensington Olympia 
Beauty Exhibition 22nd-23rd September 2013

Did you make it to the Kensington Olympia Beauty Exhibition 2013?  

The event was well attended on both Sunday and Monday, which saw several beauty brands exhibitors, as well as training providers on show.  There were also a lot of people looking for what was new in the beauty market , groups of friends, family, students, independent business owners and free-lancers who had come along to smingle and see what was on offer.


 Upstairs, was the Nailympics This was a SERIOUS Nail Art competition!! As in, standard manicures not welcome! Creative, extravagant, Harajuku style/ nail flair only! There were also training providers including BABTAC, CIBTAC Makeup Artistry Stands,  more Nails, some more nails... and, to my surprise, as I didn't know it existed, one company that was a Union for Free-lance Media creatives, including MUA'S


Friday, 15 March 2013



Beauty Services available

Lash and Brow Tinting 
Ear Piercing
Nose Piercing (starting May) 
Special Occasion Makeup 
Special Effects Makeup by Amelia  

Nose Piercing
Nose piercing Models required for studex 16th May London

Salon Services: Special Discounts on Mondays, call for more info!
Kensington Olympia Site

Mobile Beauty Trading Times

Mondays      18.00pm-8.00pm
Tuesdays      18.00pm-8pm
Wednsedays 1pm-20.00pm
Thursdays     8am-21.00pm
Fridays         8am-21.00pm
Saturdays      8am-21.00mp
Sundays        12pm-18.00pm

Greater London area only

Telephone on Faith +447505826024 to book your Beauty service

Are you a blogger?
If you would like to exchange blog links,  please inbox me here, or on the facebook page

If you are reading this, your feedback is welcome, so don't be shy to leave your comments

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bridal Makeup Services

Makeup Artistry Services

 Bridal Makeup, Weddings, Hen Parties, Photographic Shoots
Special Occasion Makeup
Special Effects Makeup
Body Art

 The Makeup Artists I have chosen  have    professional industry experience, and have worked for     leading companies. They are also really lovely. You are able to book a trial make over with the girls before deciding to go ahead.


Bridal Makeup £105 (including lash extensions)
Bridesmaids £25 
Special Occasion £50 including lash extensions
Day/Evening £25
Special Effects please contact Amelia